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One reason why the shock gauge pointer is not in position 0

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In the verification process some seismic pressure gauge does not need to be the case top of the small rubber plug verification can be qualified, and some seismic pressure gauge will be the small rubber plug verification can be qualified. There is atmospheric pressure in the case of the shockproof pressure gauge. Why are the products of the same batch different? Is it correct to remove the small rubber plug when using the shockproof pressure gauge?

Let's analyze the situation above:

1. First of all, the user should operate according to the "operation manual" provided by the manufacturer to avoid the verification of some instruments

And some misunderstandings in use. Shockproof pressure gauge instructions in the provisions of the "instrument verification, should be on the case of oil hole sealing screw screw unscrew or flush oil hole on the rubber seal plug pick up, in order to prevent breath-holding in the case and affect the verification results.

According to the instructions of the vibration pressure gauge, it is required that all the vibration pressure gauge should be checked "loosen the oil hole sealing screw on the case or pick up the rubber sealing plug on the oil hole.

2. Generally speaking, seismic pressure gauge as in the case of breath and affect the test result of mostly small range of seismic pressure gauge, according to market manufacturer's experience is more instrument under 0.6 Mpa, 0.6 Mpa especially 0.16 Mpa, 0.25 Mpa instrument, because of the spring tube wall thin, high sensitivity, when test case within your breath will have great influence on seismic pressure gauge, a regular verification is unqualified. For seismic pressure gauges over 1Mpa, the spring tube is relatively rigid, and even if the rubber seal plug on the oil hole is not pulled up during verification, the residual gas in the table will not have much impact on the verification result page, the larger the measuring range is the more so.

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