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Pressure gauge needle bending

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The pressure gauge is used for a period of time, but the pressure is not stable, or the pressure gauge is deleted, sometimes we will find the pointer of the pointer originally sword has become the shape of machete, if you look carefully, in the "back", will leave a little dent or depression size obviously, the pointer is bent.

Bending pressure gauge gauge pointer, a relative check nail, "" bending, this is because the pressure gauge at work, the pressure is too fast, too fast, make the pointer violent, repeatedly hit the nail board to check. This is generally in the pressure gauge under the pointer, the pointer and contact pin position inspection, you can see the impact of serious impact, this part of the trace will have clearance depth.

There is a relative pressure check dial "back" to the curved nail. This is because the pressure gauge is used, the pressure is too high, too fast to the pressure gauge needle clockwise disc check valve and the impact of nail bending. The same will leave a gap on the upper side of the gauge pointer.

The pressure gauge material is generally aluminum alloy plate, if the pressure gauge pointer material is too thin, the material is too soft, because the pressure gauge pointer is also easy to bend.

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