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Notes for use of pressure gauge

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1, the instrument must be vertical: installation should use a 17mm wrench to tighten, should not be forced to twist the case; Avoid collision during transportation;

2. The instrument should be used at the ambient temperature of -25~55℃;

3. Working environment vibration frequency < 25HZ, amplitude no more than 1mm;

4. in the use of the environment temperature is too high, the indicator value of the instrument does not return to zero or there is a deviation of the indicator value, the upper seal rubber plug can be cut open, so that the instrument cavity and the atmosphere can be connected;

5. The application range of the instrument should be between 1/3 and 2/3 of the upper limit;

6. In measuring corrosive medium, medium that may crystallize and medium with high viscosity, an isolation device shall be added;

7. The instrument should be checked frequently (at least every three months), and timely repaired if fault is found;

8. The company shall be responsible for repair or replacement of the instrument within half a year from the date of leaving the factory if it is found to be ineffective or damaged due to poor manufacturing quality under normal storage and use conditions;

9. The required conditions should be indicated when ordering the instruments needed to measure corrosive media.

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